Belting it Out: The Hardest Working and Least Appreciated Accessory

Belting it Out: The Hardest Working and Least Appreciated Accessory

By buying less, using what you already own, and thrift-shopping, you can transition into spring  and transform your wardrobe by adding a great belt. .
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The transition from winter to spring can be a tricky time when it comes to fashion. On one hand, you want to break out the flowy floral dresses and beachy straw hats. On the other hand, you’re not quite ready to send your chunky sweaters and uggs into hibernation. With a few clever styling tricks, you can create winter-to-spring transition outfits that are comfortable, stylish, and sustainable. 
Nothing elevates an outfit like a great belt. They can instantly create a put-together professional look or be the star of a simple jeans and a tee outfit. If you’re looking for ways to create transitional looks that will take you from the remnants of winter into the sweet days of spring, you've come to the right place!
By buying less, using what you already own, and thrift-shopping, you can transition into spring and transform your wardrobe by simply adding a great belt. And you can show your eco-conscious side while looking your very best during this slightly confusing season. So, don’t  pack your coats and jackets away just yet. 
Keep reading for tips on how to use one great accessory to elevate any outfit. If you start with all the basics from last season and add just one or two great accent accessories, your entire wardrobe will look instantly fresh and you’ll be ready to hit the streets in style.
Of all the accessories you can throw on to elevate a look, the under-appreciated and hardest working belt is by far the one piece that does the trick every time. You can pair the waist-defining accessory with dresses, blazers, lighter weight coats, and shaklets.
Whether it's bold and embellished, or casual and classic, belts are the one  piece  that can create, update, and upcycle an outfit.  Read on to see some flattering outfits that can help you  reimagine your look with one simple accessory.


Break the Loops Rule

Raise your hand if you believe that you can only wear a belt  if it’s thin enough to fit through the loops on your jeans? (Not literally, but, you get it.) I know I’m not the only one!   Try tucking a thin sweater, crisp white cotton tee, or pinstriped oxford into a pair of your ride-or-die low waisted jeans and add an extra-wide belt that  accents your waistline, and you’ll be shocked at how flattering that simple trick can be.
And here’s the kicker— your belt does not have to fit through the loops!!! It’s time to break the “loops rules,”   stop limiting your belt-jean pairings, and defy those denim designers and their itsy bitsy loops, and wear any belt you want with any outfit you want.( I promise the belt police won’t come knocking at your door 🤣!) 


Denim Moves

Denim makes a move from jackets and jeans to boots and belts this season. Add a denim belt to a maxi jacket or coat for a look that instantly sings spring. 
Craftsmanship and a zero-waste philosophy are the pillars to L2R’s new belt collection this spring. . Eco-friendly fashion redesigns this handcrafted belt made from 100% cotton denim scrap fabric and eco-sourced silver studs.


Play Outside the Box

Spring is the best time to play outside (the box.) Experiment with textures, contrasting colors, and metallics.  Add a belt to your favorite maxi jacket, worn-to-death blazer, or trendy trench and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Nothing  says “I’m put together” when you’re in the drop-off line and you’re still in your PJs than oversized outerwear and a big accent belt.  Or throw a belted slouchy coat  over your workout gear and go straight from the barre to brunch.
 Belts and bags  in unexpected colors,  textures, and patterns, (like the one pictured above from the L2R spring accessory collection,) can add a fun and playful touch to any outfit. Pair a bold embellished belt and a bag that screams the same message and you can’t miss.   



Finished Business

We all have that one great wool blazer we simply can’t  live without in the fall and winter.  Well, you don’t have to put it in cold storage this spring. 
Take your blazer with you as you travel into the days of higher temps by simply springing it to the next level. By adding a fresh new belt with edgy grommets, you'll be corporate-casual ready while still secretly  holding on to your cool & creative side. 
If you’re back in the concrete corporate jungle, stand out from the uniform-like crowd with an artsy accent piece that will make them go “HMMMMMM?”


Tie One On 

The one trick to make even the most bundled of winter outfits figure-flattering is to tie a wide waist belt over your jacket or coat. Go for a one-size-fits-all so you can cinch it as tights as you’d like depending on how many layers you’re wearing. Belts in dramatically elongated lengths are already on the streets, so go ahead and tie one on too!


In the Trenches

Nothing says spring more than a great trench. Swap out the belt that comes with the coat and add an accent belt and you can create a different look every day of the week. Layer with metallics and gold accessories  to add spring sparkle and shine.


Edgy Upgrade

Preppy pinstripes get an edgy upgrade when you trade the navy blazer for a retro moto jacket and denim corset belt. Grab your most lived-in pair of jeans and dig out a few  button-downs from the dark corners of your fall “work-clothes”  closet. By adding just a few accent pieces, you can instantly transform something old and turn it into something fresh and new. 


Go the Distance

Just because the calendar says it’s spring, doesn’t mean the temperatures are instantly warm and balmy. Let your favorite coat go the distance by pairing it up with an accent belt and springy-colored trousers, and you’ll be ready for the still-cool spring nights ahead. 
The style and cut of L2R’s vintage-inspired Oversized Opera Coat (pictured) provides that sleek and refined feel, but the denim fabric and spread shirt collar give it an edgy vibe. Featuring embroideries around the cuffs and a front embroidery of Halima (“the forbearing, the generous,”) the coat comes with a custom-made embroidered denim belt that’s truly “ready-to-wear.”


Double Duty

If you haven’t jumped on the utility pocket trend, you don’t have to invest in a whole new cargo pants wardrobe. With a belt that pairs as a purse, you’ll not only be hands-free, but you’ll get an instant update to any outfit. . L2R’s Double Belt Bag is the perfect companion for a city stroll, weekend travel, flea marketing, or going out for a coffee run. 
L2R’s new spring belt collection  checks off every box:
Oversized pockets
Double Duty


Opposites Attract

Pair a big and bad belt with tough hardware with  soft and feminine lace or sheer dressing to create an interesting, daring, and unexpected contrast that’s chic on the streets this season. 
There’s nothing that says “I got this” than showing off your confident side by creating an outfit of opposites that are sure to attract attention.

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