Outerwear for Many Seasons

Outerwear for Many Seasons

Investing in Multi-seasonal, Multi-Style Outerwear Looks That Go the Distance 
There’s always going to be those great accent pieces we just have to have and we buy them without considering their value or price. But there are certain items that can be worth a little splurge if you consider the piece’s cost-per-wear. 
More than any other piece in the wardrobe, a coat can go the distance. Outerwear for everywhere, a classic statement coat can be a smart investment in your wardrobe.  But for the purchase to make sense, it’s important to consider what it will cost over the coat’s lifetime. 
Calculating your coat’s cost-per-wear can help you make sure you're getting the most value out of your purchase. And a great way to lower your coat’s cost over a lifetime is to make it a centerpiece in a variety of outfits and style it so it works for more than just one season. If you invest in a multi-seasonal, high quality coat that can speak to the trends without outdating itself, you just might find even a more expensive coat’s cost-per-wear could be incredibly low—even lower than some of the cheaper trendy items in your closet. 
Here's how to use the cost-per-wear calculator to maximize your statement coat:
  1. Determine the coat’s purchase price: Start by determining the initial cost of the coat. This is the coat’s purchase price. Look for end-of-season sales on higher quality coats you might have had your eye on just as winter turns to spring. 
  2. Estimate the number of times you believe you will wear the coat: Will you wear it every day during fall? Will you be able to use layering techniques to extend its wear to the colder months? Will you be able to style it so it takes you into the spring? Will you wear it everyday or only on special occasions?
  3. Calculate the cost-per-wear: Divide the initial cost of the coat by the estimated number of times you will wear it. For example, if you pay $500 for a coat and you estimate that you will wear it at least 50 times, the cost-per-wear would be $10. That’s like wearing it about  twice a week for the fall and winter months. If you also wore it during the early spring months when the weather is still cool, your cost-per-wear could be even lower.
  4. Consider the quality of the coat: Though it might be tempting to buy an inexpensive on-trend coat every fall, that $100 coat could end up having a higher cost-per-wear than a coat that costs twice or even four times as much. Durability is an important factor to consider when making an outerwear purchase because it is something you will likely wear more often than any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. 
Consider this: 
You buy a $100 trendy coat from a fast-fashion brand that will likely last one season and you plan to wear it 10 times.  
Cost-per-wear would = $10.00.
You invest in a $300 classic coat that’s been marked down from $500. This is a coat that you know  will last you ten years and you plan to wear it at least 50 times a year. 
Cost-per-wear = 60 cents!
  1. Think about the versatility of the coat: Consider how many different outfits you can create with it. The more versatile a coat is, the more ways you can wear it and the more times you will wear it over a lifetime. This would greatly lower the coat’s cost-per-wear. 
  2. Will the coat work multi-seasonally? If you invest in a lighter weight coat that’s roomy enough to layer over blazers, jackets, and hoodies, you can extend its wear to three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Outerwear that Goes the Distance

By using the cost-per-wear calculator, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to invest in a statement coat. And by following some great styling tips, you can make your investment go farther. Investing in a high quality,  versatile, and lighter-weight statement coat can be a wise decision and a valuable addition to your wardrobe for many years to come.

Pops of color

Elevate a classic coat with accessories in the season’s hottest colors. This season, consider adding a pop of yellow, orange, or neon green for that wow factor!  

Contrasting Effects

Nothing speaks to 2023 style more than contrasting style. For  those days when you just roll out of bed and head to the drop off line or make a coffee run, a great oversized coat is the perfect teammate to wear with sweats and sneakers.  Elevate your outfit by adding a pair of chunky combat boots, a large tote bag, and a baseball cap for a simple way to stay on trend without little to no effort. 

Boss Lady

Corporate dressing has been redefined in this post-pandemic world, and getting back to office looks are much more open to interpretation.  Channel your inner boss (but still keep it real) by pairing an oversized coat with a tailored jumpsuit or blazer, trousers, and a crisp new white shirt to create a look that says “boss” without looking “bossy” — big difference!  

Color Blocking

Color-blocking is having its fashion moment, so lighten up your look (and mood) by adding some spring softness to your wardrobe. A watercolor neck scarf, a baby baguette, or pastel boots is all it takes to take your coat from the dark days of winter into the bright days of spring.   

Belt it Out

The easiest way to give outerwear a facelift is to add a statement belt. Possibly the easiest and most cost-effective way to elevate a coat from one season to the next, keep a collection of vintage belts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that you can pull in a pinch to dress up your oversized coat.  

Double Down

Anyone can wear a cardigan over a sweater, but what about pulling off two coats at once? Double your coat’s wear factor by pairing a light coat or jacket with a slouchy coat on top.  Pair a belted blazer under a bold opera coat or  layer a trench on top of a slouchy shacklet for a look that travels from cold winter days into warm spring nights.


Who says spring has to be all about pastels and Easter bonnets? There’s nothing wrong with going for a tone-on-tone look too. Lean into the neutral fashion trend by pairing a beige coat with khaki cargo pants and a white button down tied at the waist for an earthy, neutral classic combination never fails. 

Touches of Denim

Denim on denim is everything this spring, making the transition from winter to spring a cinch. Simply pair a denim shirt with jeans over a cropped tee or bralette and you’ll have the perfect layered look that lets your coat enjoy the warmer spring days just a little longer. 

Get Bombed

This time of the year is all about playing with layers, proportions,  and colors.  A look that screams early spring is the bomber. Paired together with this year’s neon pumps and aux leather, and you get an incredibly chic outfit that masters the extremes. 

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