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 Mission Statement

L2R is a catalyst for change in the fashion industry, and a solution to the material and chemical waste created in fabric production. We are Zero Waste driven as we source 100% of our fabric by partnering with artisans and small factories to utilize their deadstock fabric. This way, we offer our clients a path to sustainability and the power to advance their values without compromising on personal style.

During garment production any remaining fabric scraps are used to produce items for L2R's accessory line, including our ScraBags, hair accessories, and jewelry.

Any scraps that are unfit for use are donated to toy makers to be used as stuffing. L2R is currently working toward donating additional scraps for industrial recycling in isolation material. 

As a newly emerging brand, our mission is to integrate forward thinking into each aspect of L2R, from garment construction to equity for our workforce. Every layer of our production allows for transparency, sustainability, and results in a final garment that our clients can wear with pride.


Design Statement

L2R’s innovative designs are focused on creating universal patterns and silhouettes, with diversity in fabric and texture. Our clothing often features gender fluid elements, with relaxed fits and oversized silhouettes that showcase bright colors, embroidery, prints, and impressions - most often with a combination of these components in a single design.

L2R offers a limited collection of vintage, second-hand and upcycled pieces. We also feature hand-made accessories, including jewelry, bags, and belts.

L2R has ongoing collaborations with a leather expert, a small goods maker, and a jewelry renovator and will likely expand accessory production in the near future.