no waste no bullshit canvas during L2R spring summer 2020 fashion show

Spring/Summer 2020 Presentation

L2R's "Desert Rose in Urban Drag" collection is fiercely inspired by the 80s and the many cultural impacts of ball culture and the LGBTQ community.

The desert rose is a bright, vivid flower, whose resilience mirrors the LGBTQ communities' valiant efforts to break barriers and brave the establishment nearly four decades ago. Though each design may be extravagant, it is urban-styled, and showcased in its "urban drag."

With this first show, we aim to prove that all religions, races, genders, orientations can coexist, collaborate and create towards a better more inclusive future.

Enjoy full access to the video of the show on YouTube by clicking the link below:


Karan model in desert overall and blue head scarf and blue cross body leather bag

mimi tao for L2R in lace white dress and leather  bustier

two models in super padded shoulders crop blazer for one and the matching wide legs pants for the other in black and pink stripped cotton fabric


Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Presentation

Backstage Action