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L2R is proud to be supporting the Annual Gala of the Lycée Français de New York, an independent bilingual French school serving an international community of students of all ages across New York City. 
 As an independent school, the Lycee receives no governmental funding, depending instead on voluntary gifts and donations raised in fundraising events such as the annual gala.
The gala is the largest fundraising event of the year for the school, a culmination of carefully curated campaigns and events. Guided by Lycée school parents and co-chairs, Mariana Abbadi, Virginie Chabran, Tihtina Mersie, and Eliza Ravelle-Chapuis, this year’s message is rooted in sustainability.  
Taking place on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at Cipriani Wall Street, “Lead with Purpose” is the theme of this year’s event. 
L2R is excited to be donating our eco-conscious tote bags, handcrafted especially for the cause, not only for the guests to use to carry their gifts and favors home, but to help carry the message.
The goal of the 2023 gala is two fold: to not only raise funds to provide the best education possible and prepare today's students to be the thinkers, innovators and leaders of tomorrow, but to also raise awareness about global climate change and urgent environmental concerns.
Because children literally are our future, the school encourages its students to become actively  involved in activities that draw attention to these issues. Through a variety of projects and hands-on activities, the children learn how they can play a part in creating solutions to the many challenges we face today as a global community. The two main ways to give to the Lycée are by participating in the annual Gala, and making a gift to the Annual Fund.  
The 2023 gala organizers and volunteers collaborated to find eco-conscious and imaginative ways to decorate the venue keeping sustainability at the top of mind, limiting the environmental footprint as much as possible. 
tote bags made from recycled fabric waste  
  Rooted in sustainability, this year’s theme will be evident in the plant-based décor and botanical accents, many of which were created by the students. The group came together with the community and eco-friendly brands to decorate the gala with materials, produce, and natural elements that can be reused, recycled, or donated after the event. 
Nothing from the flower arrangements to the food will go to waste. Centerpieces will be donated to a local hospital the next day to brighten the patients’ day, and following in the footsteps of last year’s co-chairs, all leftover food will be donated to City Harvest.
An organization that has been feeding NYC’s needy by redirecting surplus food from those with an abundance of resources to those struggling with food insecurities since 1982, City Harvest has been filling the plates of New Yorkers in need for four decades. 
There will be lots of fun plant-based gifts for all of the attendees. To help carry the message (and the goodies), L2R, a zero-waste NYC-based fashion brand,  designed and hand-crafted over 800 upcycled eco-conscious tote bags made from 100% rescued and reclaimed materials exclusively for the event.  Like the brand itself, the totes represent the L2R zero-waste philosophy of never letting a shred of fabric go to waste.
Guests can use these handmade goodie bags to carry their gifts home from the event and keep it as a momento. Made entirely from the brand’s leftover fabric, lining materials,  and scraps and remnants and swatches from upholsterers, furniture designers, and local artisans in Casablanca and across  Morocco, we mixed and matched patterns, colors, and textures to create totes that can be used as a gift bag,  and reused  over and over again as a shopping tote, grocery bag, garden tote, or beach bag. 
Because closed-loop production in fashion is key to limiting waste, each bag is individually handcrafted from remnants and scraps leftover from our production of coats and other items featured on the website.  To make the totes sturdy and durable, we went scrap hunting  to rescue leftover textiles, swatches, and traditional ethnic fabrics. A group of six local Moroccan seamstresses came together in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, to handcraft each tote, one piece at a time, and one stitch at a time.
A practical and original piece of art that you can wear with almost anything , the eco-totes are the result of creative minds and artisans coming together for a purpose. This shopper tote bag is spacious enough for all of your  daily essentials, and roomy enough to hold everything from your laptop to spare pumps.
Celebrating the #no waste no bullshit philosophy, the tote is one of our proudest statement pieces because it speaks to everything L2R stands for. From the tote’s long handle, made to be sturdy and comfortable enough to wear over a winter coat and imperfect patchwork, a collection of every last piece of rescued fabric we could get our hands on. Not a stitch of fabric or leftover scraps were wasted. 
The Eco-Conscious Halima Totes are quintessential representations of the L2R label’s #no waste-no bullshit-zero-waste philosophy. Committed to being a driving force for change,using only ethically sourced remnants, leftover textiles and garments, and luxury scrap fabric, L2R shares the Lycee School’s commitment to sustainability.
 By creating sustainable solutions,  from our design processes and sourcing practices to our production and distribution methods, L2R creates garments and accessories designed to be worn season-after-season, encouraging our clients to buy less, shop their own closets, get creative with accessories, and hunt down previously-worn clothing at thrift stores before new purchases.
We  traveled to ends of the earth, sourcing beautiful and sustainable leftover textiles, scraps, discards, and sample swatches, while also helping to support local artisans and workers to create our Eco-Conscious Halima Tote
Doing everything possible to close the fashion loop, helping the planet and all of its people to survive and thrive, L2R is proud to be a part of the Lycee School’s Annual Gala by donating over 900 of our handcrafted Eco-Conscious Halima Totes designed to carry the message. 

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