Amazing Lace

Amazing Lace



The season of crunchy leaves, cozy socks, and cardigans is here and if you're anything like me, you look to Vogue, the runways, and the streets for styling inspo. This autumn, there’s more than plaids and wool sweaters on the horizon.
Trends are like house guests; they show up out of nowhere and no one can figure out where they came from. The latest trend that’s come out of the blue is the exposed underwear trend. It might seem way too risky to some, but it's being embraced by designers and influencers around the world. When you think about it, what’s  the point in trying to hide them anyway?   
From monochromatic pairings to lingerie-inspired layering,  amazing lace tops, bottoms, and sets are sprinkling a bit of girliness into fall weather trends. 

Fall Weather & Lace

An '80s-inspired trend that simply refuses to quit is leather and textured fabrics like feathers and lace. Gone are the days of leather being purely for the edgiest among us.
We're seeing this fabric be adopted in ways that make it more versatile than ever. Same goes for lace. No longer just an opposites-attract match to the black leather look, lace lives on its own or works just as great with fabrics like denim, satin,  and wool. 


We love the look of  a leather maxi paired with a lace crop top. Or wide leg lace pants with a tough-girl leather bomber. And though leather is surging in popularity this fall, it’s not just about classic leather staples like bomber and biker jackets.
This season, leather is being adopted for head-to-toe ensembles. For sustainability at its best, lace sets in feminine shades are tailor made for those classic leather bomber and biker jackets you probably already have in your closet.


Romance Novelty

Once  considered a luxury, sheer and lace fabrics symbolize freedom, as they give the body a sense of lightness and airiness, evoking a free spirit.
The F23 runways saw a resurgence of lingerie-inspired pieces like frilly lace spotted at Gucci and the sultry corsets at Tory Burch. Pairing  delicate feminine pieces with street tough leather and denim balances the cool weather and lace look.
This season, designers are taking cues from the zero-waste movement, highlighting some of this summer's fashion trends like textured pieces paired with sheer tops so consumers don’t need to splurge on a bunch of new pieces for autumn.



Y2K 'Exposed Thong Trend 

Having a moment this season, sheer dresses and lace coords are making the 'see-thru' trend all the rage once again for cooler days ahead.  
And it’s not just about lace overlays or embellishments like back in the day. Pieces made completely out of lace, with exposed thongs and underpants  accomplish the whole 'exposed thong' look.
In 2023, there’s  nothing that should stop you from experimenting with different styles. The trend  broke into the mainstream in the 90s and early naughts, with stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton trailblazing the look.  


Supermodels like Bella Hadid are sure to be strolling the streets without any concerns about revealing their thongs and bras, so why shouldn't you? Mesh-like material on menswear will also be exposed on the streets, taking inspo from fashion influencers like Maya Jama and celebs like Hailey Bieber.
To rock the look, pair a low-rise maxi skirt with high-waisted Brazilian-cut underwear, a pair of chunky sneakers, a Barbie pink bag, leather jacket, and a lace bralette or go the one-and-done route with the L2R lace collection.


Wide-leg Pants & Crop Top -  Light Blue Lace


Match Set

Matching sets that incorporate the sheer look of lace, like L2R the Labels mix and match lace separates worn as a set or paired up with jeans, leather, or maxi denim skirts are the absolute vibe for fall. 



Leather-on-leather is also super chic this season, so feel free to wear a leather corset top with a leather mini or maxi skirt without feeling too over-the-top. Leather boots and handbags are accessories you can easily wear with any ensemble. This season, though black leather is still very much chic and always a timeless choice,  incorporating  color into the equation is very much 2023.  


L2R Shirt & Wide-Leg Pants Set in Hot Pink



If there's one trend that truly took over in the summer of 2023, it's Barbiecore. 80s-inspired pretty-in-pink style saw a huge comeback as Barbie fans looked forward to the release of the film. And while bright pink is still the main vibe for 2023,  new iterations of the trend will be focused on a wide selection of paler pinks and vibrant reds this fall. 

Pouch Purse in Pink & Bronze Velvet



Luxe Minimalism

One trend that's enduring through fall 2023 is minimalism. However, with glam pieces like metallics, bold jewelry, and texture taking over the fashion scene, we're seeing minimalism get a luxe upgrade. The key to creating a minimalist wardrobe this fall is to capitalize on pieces that are luxurious, chic, and still comfy.
When going for luxe minimalist vibes this fall, see-through clothing is taking over the fashion scene with one-and-done sets like L2R’s lace coords being the perfect luxe minimalist ensemble. 

L2R’s  lace sets and separates are the epitome of romance and femininity. Cut in a beautiful lace fabric, these pieces, joining the timeless and versatile separates that are the signature of the brand’s zero waste mission, will become a staple in your fall wardrobe.

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