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Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw once said, “maybe gender doesn’t even exist anymore! If we can take the best of the other sex and make it our own, has the opposite sex become obsolete?”

Progressing towards a more gender-fluid, androgynous, and open-minded existence, it’s no secret that our society is undergoing a fashion revolution. 
Toxic masculinity is being challenged by men offering up looks with more feminine silhouettes and women wearing men’s clothing have gone beyond borrowing their boyfriend’s oversized tee. As “gender” becomes more and more of a social construct, fashion is following suit. 
Gender-neutral fashion is on the rise across the entertainment industry, as celebs are throwing themselves full force into genderless fashion.        
Billy Porter
Billy Porter, who recently attended the Academy Awards in a tuxedo gown, describes fluid fashion as “one of the newest frontiers” in fashion,  Cara Delevigne and Miley Cyrus are both notorious for breaking gender barriers, modeling in DKNY’s menswear campaign. 
One Direction star Harry Styles is generating the most gender-fluid fashion steam, challenging gender-conforming fashion standards by sporting a yellow spring womenswear suit by Marc Jacobs, complete with a lilac chiffon bow at the Brit Awards. 
Harry Stiles
Styles also won over the crowd wearing Gucci, the most often mentioned androgynous fashion brand, pairing a white lace Gucci jumpsuit with a
string of pearls. 
Designers like Rag & Bone, Vetements, and L2R are stepping up to this
new wave of a totally fluid society, getting rid of the separation of sexes
on the runway with male models rocking dresses and female models
sporting suits and trousers. 
Celebs and social media influencers aren’t the only ones disputing
gender norms as androgynous fashion goes well beyond men wearing
dresses and women wearing blazers.   
Androgynous style
Louis Vuitton has been searching for models that go “beyond the binary” to further emphasize the androgyny of their newer lines. Millennials and Generation Z are embracing the acceptance of this exploration of gender that goes beyond the binary gender spectrum, showing their support by walking around campus in genderless clothing. 
Queer and trans influencers, actors, and activists to watch out for are Indya Moore, a non-binary trans actor on the show Pose, voted one of the most influential people in 2019.  Hi_its_bobbi, a nonbinary model known for posting their photography, is exploring fashion as it is all over the gender spectrum on their Instagram page. 
Carrie Bradshaw
Just as Bradshaw so eloquently questioned, “who says fashion has to have a gender?” — the fashion industry is taking note. 
Clothing is a form of personal expression and as our society moves farther away from outdated “norms,” labels, and checked boxes, fashion is beginning to transition into a genderless scope as well. 
Up-and-coming zero-waste fashion brand L2R’s innovative designs are focused on creating universal patterns and silhouettes, with diversity in fabric and texture. 
L2B the brand
With clothing featuring gender-fluid elements, with relaxed fits and oversized silhouettes that showcase bright colors, embroidery, prints, and impressions, L2R is one of the most unabashed labels to hit the runways in years, unafraid to break barriers and crash through glass ceilings into previously uncharted waters.
Our line of gender-fluid dresses, separates, outerwear, accessories, and jewelry is made entirely from deadstock, remnants,  and second-hand upcycled pieces. 
 A catalyst for change in the fashion industry, and a solution to the material and chemical waste created in fabric production, L2R is zero-waste driven, sourcing 100% of our fabric by partnering with artisans and small factories to utilize their deadstock fabric.  
L2R the Brand
  A newly emerging brand with a mission  to integrate forward thinking into each aspect of L2R, from garment construction to equity for our workforce, every layer of our production allows for transparency, sustainability, and results in a final garment that our clients can wear with pride. 
Eileen Honey Strauss, Freelance Writer
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