Runway Report: NYFW Fall/Winter 2023 Trends Takeaways

Runway Report: NYFW Fall/Winter 2023 Trends Takeaways

NYFW Fall/Winter 2023 has come and gone, but the parade of runway collections and A-list attendee looks have left their mark on the trends expected to be seen on the streets of the city once the summer sun begins to set.
NYFW Fall/Winter 2023 has come and gone, but the parade of runway collections and A-list attendee looks have left their mark on the trends expected to be seen on the streets of the city once the summer sun begins to set.
With editors, influencers, fashionistas, and celebs descending upon the Big Apple, there was an endless supply of outfit inspiration to look to when it comes to next fall’s style. 

Making Fun Out of Fashion

While fashion on the streets this spring is all about mismatching, deconstructed denim, and neon, trendsetters for fall predict a return to bright colors, commingled textures,  edgy silhouettes, and boundary-pushing details. From metallic to quirky,  US designers are making fashion fun once again,  pulling out all the stops to remind us that fashion is meant to be enjoyed! 
From bad boy biker to school-girl prep ( for gals of all ages), airy sheer to  oversized everything, and from under garments taking over and pants sometimes plain invisible, it looks like “fun” is the overarching theme for fall 2023 style.
Designers were out in full force, offering wearable pieces meant to be incorporated into existing wardrobes. A nod to sustainable style, there was an obvious mix of the imaginative with the everyday, making fashion more accessible to the masses (for once!)
High-end hoodies from top designers were all the rage, with Carolina Herrera’s floral ballgown with added hoodie detail screaming anything goes!
Leather and its faux counterpart made an appearance on this year’s runways, with  boldly colored micro minis, tailored  corsets, and floral accents popping up everywhere.   
Tailored  shirt dresses with the “I stole this from my dad’s closet” vibe, fun-to-wear-with-anything knit caps, and more-oversized-than-ever coats, jackets, and jeans, are all also officially en vogue. 
There was also no shortage of abundantly bold, made-to-make-a-statement looks. Designers from Coach and Sandy Liang showed pantless looks, while Michael Kors embraced metallic sheen. There was also a noticeable return to disco-esque shimmering jumpsuits, body-hugging maxis, straight out of the 60s mod silhouettes, and rosette details. 
Aside from being playful and fun, we noticed  another overall theme: embracing your own style. As people are  getting more comfortable with pushing the boundaries, tossing the rule books, and being comfortable with their own personal style and body image,  fashion this fall is geared up to supply  the tools you’ll need to get more creative in terms of your own self-expression. 
   We spotted adventurous NYC fashionistas sporting everything from micro minis over vibrant wide-leg trousers;  bold, bright socks with sleek heels, fur coats over bermuda shorts, and oversized denim with revenge neon heels. As far as trends go, there’s never a shortage of right-now looks on the streets of Manhattan. 
We’re excited to share some of the styles that caught our eyes on the runways, out on the streets,  and behind the scenes at this year’s  New York Fashion Week.
And we’ve put together 10 Fall 2023 trendsetting  looks that you can use as  inspiration as you shop your own closet  and do some thrifting this summer to create a fall wardrobe that’s 100% YOU! 

Top 2023 Style Trends

Oversized Everything

Gen Z has already banished the skinny jean from their closets, and the trend is catching on across the generations.  With oversized blazers and extra-large shirts trending on the TikTok For You page every other day,  the oversized trend is expected to only grow in strength next year. 
When it comes to denim, if you're going big, go really big in 2023 with ultrawide leg “pooling” jeans that drag behind you and almost entirely cover your shoes. If the exaggerated look is too much for you, it’s easy to jump in on the trend by sizing up your favorite jeans so you can still lean into the look with a fit that's already familiar.


It seems that the Victorian era-inspired corset look isn’t going anywhere in 2023. Recently seen on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid,the tight-to-the-body-smoked corset trend  is set to stick around in 2023.


Western fashion trends like native American details, cowboy boots, and southwest-inspired accents are set to hit in a major way. Even if you buy just one specific piece, like a vintage belt buckle, it’s easy  to incorporate this style into your existing wardrobe.
Hit the thrift shops now before the boots and hats that are collecting dust in back rooms and brought to the display windows and doubled in price!  

Airy Chic

Thanks to the unseasonably warm winter weather we’ve been experiencing in the northeast,  now is  the perfect time for airy style, (think anything with lace, tulle, sheer panels, or ruffles) that can take you right from February into fall. 
With lots of lace, sheer panels, and toile popping up in 2022, sheer fabrics are staying en vogue this year.  With this comes plenty of layering, both on top and underneath. If you’re ready for a peekaboo bra moment, 2023 is the time to test those waters. 

Plié Posh

While we all might not be able to do pirouettes or chassés,  ballet style is coming to the forefront in 2023. With ballet flats and Mary Janes expected to be the shoe silhouette of the moment, it’s safe to say this trend will be extending into RTW and separates this year.  


And while we’re on the subject of baring it all, love it or hate it, the cutout trend is back (if it ever left, that is.). Whether it’s a keyhole on a shirt or a dramatic waist situation, you’ll be seeing even more of this trend in 2023. Get ready to show off your sternum and belly button next fall, because front cutouts are having (another)  moment. Whether you're looking for something super sexy, love a structured look, or want a bit more coverage, there will be plenty of ways to embrace the trend.


The death of the maxidress has finally arrived, with shorter hems taking over the fashion world this year. Vegan leather, cartoon colors, and micro minis are back with a vengeance, adding just enough whimsy to your wardrobe. 

Moto Mod 

While leather jackets and graphic tees have long inspired designers, recent moto collections have unveiled pieces that look straight out of a Harley Davidson catalog.
Stemming from the vintage and nostalgia-driven trends currently fueling fashion, the side effect of our post-pandemic-powered need for escapism and freewheeling is reimagining biker chic as designers continue to blur gender norms.


With  designers upping the ante in 2023, the military-inspired look  is expected to evolve past utility this year with an explosion of  bright colors on surplus basics and freewheeling designs on traditional  military  silhouettes.

Revenge Heels  

The post-pandemic kitten heel is out and the revenge platform is back in - with a vengeance. With celebs and A-listers rocking the rising heel at NYFW, platforms are the new must-have shoe. 
With top shoe designers expanding their color wheel into the brights and neon spectrum in fall and winter, blurring the lines of the seasons more than ever, it’s easy to go head-to-toe bold in 2023. And the good news is, you don’t have to pack your favorite summer shoes in cold storage this year.
Basically, in 2023, “anything goes”  goes straight to the tips of our toes. 
 Elevated Add-ons
Sometimes elevating an outfit to keep up with the trends is as simple as incorporating a great piece of jewlery, a fun hat, or even taking out a pair of scissors and DIYing something already in your closet.  
Here are a few accents and details you can incorporate into your
Fall 2023 wardrobe for instant trendy style.

Oversized hats 
DIY Fishnet Mesh 
Ribbons and Bows 
Boob Decor
Floral Accents
Fluffy Whimsical Platforms


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