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Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter!

As we wrap up our first year at L2R, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support this past year.

With each garment sold we have furthered our mission of eliminating fabric waste and providing a sustainable path to style.

As we continue into this new year it is important to us that our message and mission are heard by all.

This newsletter will formally introduce you to L2R and walk you through our story, our mission, and our production process. 

Our Story

In this day and age there are a growing number of ways to incorporate eco-conscious practices into our lives, from what we consume to the way we dress.

Around the world in countries that produce garments, untreated waste waters and toxic chemicals from garment factories are dumped directly into rivers. This is highly damaging to aquatic life, the millions of people who live near these river banks, and because all rivers eventually lead to sea, this practice harms the entire globe. 

For decades, textile overproduction and pollution resulting from fabric degradation remained a hidden issue in the fashion industry. Each year the garment industry produces several million tons of leftover fabric, known as deadstock fabric, that creates material waste destined for the landfill, to be burnt, or otherwise disregarded. Up until now deadstock fabric has been limited in its use, with big brands unwilling to use leftover fabric to create one-off designs that cannot be replicated on a large scale. This practice, along with countless poor procedures, has resulted in the fashion industry becoming the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry.

This does not have to be our reality. Sustainability in fashion can be tackled in many ways, including the use of environmentally-friendly fiber textiles, the use of organic fabrics, recycling fabric material into new fabric, recycling plastic into textiles, upcycling clothing, purchasing second hand clothing, clothing rentals, and much more.

In 2018, L2R founder, Ghizlane Sabbahe, aimed to create a brand that would eliminate fabric waste and offer fellow fashionistas an eco-friendly alternative to traditional garment production. L2R is a catalyst for change in the fashion industry, and a solution to the material and chemical waste created in fabric production. We have partnered with artisans and small factories throughout Morocco to utilize their deadstock fabric, and offer our clients a path to sustainability and the power to advance their values without compromising on personal style.

 Our Mission

As a newly emerging brand, our mission is to integrate forward thinking into each aspect of L2R, from garment construction to equity for our workforce. We offer eco-conscious fashion lovers and style hunters unique statement apparel.

We are a zero waste modern fashion house, providing bold pieces by exclusively using deadstock and leftovers from textile factories and recycling every inch of remaining fabric from our garments into statement accessories.

 wide collar and wide cuffs blue shirt

Our Production Process

During garment production any remaining fabric scraps are used to produce items for L2R's accessory line, including our ScraBags and jewelry.We are currently partnered with several factories in Morocco to purchase their deadstock fabric. We then create designs tailored to the fabric itself.

Once the design is completed, the fabric is sent to a small, all-woman team of seamstresses who assemble each garment.

 Any scraps that are unfit for use are donated to toy makers to be used as stuffing. L2R is currently working toward donating additional scraps for industrial recycling in isolation material.

Every layer of our production allows for transparency, sustainability, and results in a final garment that our clients can wear with pride.

What is Next for L2R?

We have some exciting developments in the works, from new products (stay tuned) to upcoming collaborations.

blazer with bell sleeves

See below for a list of what you can expect in 2020:

  • L2R was recently awarded a grant for green businesses from the World Bank. This grant is part of their green bonds program and is intended to support public and private initiatives to combat climate change.
  • A collaboration is in the works! L2R will be partnering with a NYC goods maker for handmade jewelry that will feature leftover fabric scraps from our garment production.
  • Our clothing is currently featured at Flying Solo on 434 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012. We are expecting to offer limited inventory it at additional retail locations in NYC.
  • L2R will participate in NYFW 2020.

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