Intentionally Unintentional: L2R Creating Masterpieces for Change

Intentionally Unintentional: L2R Creating Masterpieces for Change

Boxy Opera Coat in Cream and Gold Silk Brocade by L2R the Label
The fashion industry, notorious for massive waste problems, is frequently called out for being one of the largest global polluters.  
With as much as three-fifths of all textiles ending up in incinerators or landfills and the average American tossing 80 pounds of clothing each year, fashion is playing an enormous role in the climate’s decline. These days, as we watch the world heating up to levels never before seen, it’s fashion’s responsibility to help. 
An estimated 100 billion garments are produced annually, but sadly most of these will not be worn again the following season. And the fast-fashion industry likes it that way because that just means consumers will buy-buy again. 
Over the last two years, restrictions and supply shortages have caused designers to turn to scraps, leftovers, and materials they already had on hand. 
While mismatched patterns, clashing shades, and imperfect fabrics might have been unacceptable in the past, there is a burgeoning trend in fashion to eliminate waste and give new life to the dead —deadstock, that is. 
Upcycling is one way to ensure sustainability because it promotes the idea of circular fashion. Using the already-made and improved-upon, and turning it into something fresh keeps existing clothing and textiles in circulation–not landfills
And customers are getting increasingly wise to the situation. 
Growing increasingly tired of catch-phrases, consumers are becoming savvier about their purchases and ready for transparency and action – not just empty promises.
No longer satisfied with “big talk” and off-the-rack uniformity, the rule books have been tossed and replaced with an obsession with the unexpected and the un-new.
The use of deadstock and already existing fabrics like pattern cut-offs and discards gives clothing a second lease on life, reducing fashion industry waste, and therefore the number of chemicals, water, and greenhouse gasses produced when manufacturing fabrics. Uniting in this effort to reduce the amount of new clothing becoming yesterday’s trash, fashion needs to intentionally step up and stick together in this effort. 
Meeting customer demands to see change happen and bring true eco-chic style to market, L2R is making unique, upcycled, and one-of-a-kind designs accessible and affordable. Crafted from fabric remnants and disregarded textiles, using ethically-sourced deadstock, outcasts, and discards, we make no apologies for our intentionally unintentional style. 

Our part

A catalyst for a revolution in the fashion industry, New York-based L2R is committed to finding solutions to fabric waste.
Like buried treasure, L2R designers craft each piece with the same attention to detail, pride, and concern for the planet. We’re a bunch of eco-kind artists and environmentalists who’ve come together to create masterpieces for change. 
Using only ethically-sourced leftover textiles, discards, unused garments, and luxury scrap fabric in all of our creations, partnering with artisans and small factories around the globe, we offer our customers the power to advance their values without compromising style. 
Intentionally uniting sustainability with unintentional style is our goal every step of the way.

Committed to our commitment

A newly emerging brand, we’re committed to integrating our forward-thinking mindset into each aspect of L2R, from concept to construction, always keeping transparency and sustainability at top of mind.

   Our designs are focused on creating universal patterns and silhouettes,  gender-fluidity, relaxed fits, and oversized silhouettes, with a diversity in fabric and texture that showcases vibrant colors, embroidery, prints, and unique impressions in every piece. Making sense out of what was once considered “nonsensical,”  our commitment is woven into the very thread of our brand.      

Absolute zero waste production means no thread or shred of fabric ever goes to waste. In fact, any waste generated during the production of our garments is further recycled into shopping sacks, hair accessories, jewelry, and garment bags.

Our collections





Creating masterpieces for change is what our La Haute Couture collection is all about.  Using recycled, restored, and renewed fabric and fibers, our designers create exclusive high-end pieces of art.




When it comes to being intentionally unintentional, nothing says L2R more than YAN ⵢⴰⵏ, our one-of-a-kind collection of coats, jackets, and dresses made entirely from deadstock textiles and fabric remnants.  


REGENZ : Zero-Waste Circular Collection  


Part of our Circular Collection, our zero-waste shopping bags are made from rescued remnants, deadstock,  and recycled denim.




Our Halima Collection delivers relaxed silhouettes, hidden gems, and a relaxed thrift-store chic vibe. 
By intentionally creating unique, unconstructed, and unabashed pieces that work across the collections,  to be worn with unintentional ease of style, you never have to plan an outfit, overthink your look, or worry about matching colors, textures, or patterns again. 
L2R was created to make outlier designs accessible to all, by restoring, recycling, and redefining fashion… intentionally unintentional, and making no apologies.

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