8 Fall Color Trends We're Getting Excited About

8 Fall Color Trends We're Getting Excited About

Trends Coloring the Fashion Palette in 2022

Even though summer is in the air, full-blast, fall 2022 fashion shows left us dreaming of colorful leaves and cozy sweaters. This year's runway presentations made comfort cool once again with bold colors, statement pieces, embellishments, and oversized accessories.


So while we're all heated up over piecing together adorable warm-weather wardrobes, it's never too early to start gathering inspo for cool autumn looks.


Boxy Opera Coat in Red and Gold Silk Brocade by L2R,  is vintage inspired by the opera coats of the 1950s. 



The luxurious fabric gives it a sleek and refined feel, yet it can be styled in a very edgy way.
Martini Olive, Lava Falls, Samoan Sun, Orange Tigerand Rose Violet are just some of the hues in Pantone’s color trend report for Autumn/Winter 2022. So, even though it may be June,  the experts at Pantone Color Institute are looking ahead at what shades will dominate fall fabrics.  The prediction is a vibrant color palette, a reflection of our hybrid work lifestyle, and a celebration of bold and joyful moments to come.
mixes refined glamor and a pop of unexpected color. 
Colors for Fall 2022 are in contrast with a  competing desire for calm and comfort. Energy-boosting vitality through a combo of restorative colors with exuberant hues allows for a fluidity between a range of contrasting shades and situations, allowing consumers to express who they are and how they feel every day in this must-be-adaptive world. 
Traditionally spring colors are showing up in fall silhouettes this fall, another indication of the way we wear in the new normal, where norms are broken and rulebooks have been tossed. 
Split-Front Maxi Top in Pleated Pink Flowers by L2R mixes traditionally spring colors with fall silhouettes. 
 But there is always a difference between how designers present their artistic visions on the catwalk and what 'regular people' wear. Before tossing last year’s autumn wardrobe, it's important to take into consideration your own personal style, what color tones and silhouettes work best for your body and skin tone,  and what's already in your closet. 
L2R's 70s-inspired Halter Jumpsuit in Black and Red, features a halter bodice cut into a relaxed fit.  



Let’s face it, with prices of just about everything skyrocketing, many of us want to make use of what we already own and incorporate a few runway-inspired pieces and accessories to make our wardrobe feel new and exciting for fall, fashion’s favorite season.  


 Vintage-inspired Boxy Opera Coat in Green Silk Brocade by L2R the Label 



One example is pairing trendy colors and oversized statement coats, like the opera coat by L2R the label,  with your go-to jeans. Never underestimate the power of mixing new trends with denim.  Over-the-top pieces, like puffed-out 80s inspo sleeves, bold statement jackets, and elaborate details can be tamed back to fit your everyday life by coordinating them with neutrals and wardrobe staples.
Keeping true to your personality, knowing what makes you comfortable, and adapting fashion to fit into your lifestyle is what it’s really all about.  
This year, seasonal staples like sweater dresses, blanket scarves, work boots, and all things plaid are expected to be back in rotation when September arrives, but there are lots of looks that go beyond the tried-and-true fall essentials to play with this year like vintage jackets, oversized vests, and throwback jumpsuits, One place to start getting excited about fall is color.
Jump into style with this comfortable lightweight linen L2R’s Rosie Jumpsuit in Purple Linen



The ten standouts on the autumn/winter 2022-2023 color wheel are cheerful and bright Samoan Sun - PANTONE 14-0851,  hi-viz and whimsy Orange Tiger PANTONE 16-1358, vibrant and zingy Rose Violet - PANTONE 17-2624, lush and fertile broadleaf green Amazon - PANTONE 18-6024,  fragrant floral Nosegay - PANTONE 14-2806, cleansing and refreshing Waterspout - PANTONE, beefed-up brown, Caramel Cafe - PANTONE 18-1148, deep and evocative blue, Midnight -   PANTONE 19-4127, luscious Lava Falls - PANTONE 18-1552, and everyone’s favorite, Martini Olive - PANTONE 18-0625, a fruit-inspired green with a touch of brine.
This Super Pleated Mini Skirt in Floral Red and White Silk by L2R is cut in 
a lightweight lustrous silk fabric, sharply pleated for beautiful movement, the perfect statement piece for fall.     
Expect to see these unexpected shades appearing across everything from fashion to home goods and footwear to jewelry. Looks for color to pop up on accessories across the board, as designers like L2R incorporate the new hues into bag designs.
Streamlined and statement-making, this Zero Waste Double Belt Bag, 
by L2R, made from regenerated blue denim, rescued leather, 
and recycled hardware is a hands-free fall favorite. 
Bold pops of hues are taking on the trends, with oranges, blues, and  drab greens also showing up on skirts, dresses, and denim jackets. By combining these bold new hues with old standbys like beige, black, brown, and denim blue and adding subtle pops of trendy colors to neutral ensembles, falling for color can be fun and easy this autumn season.  
Zero Waste Double Belt Bag in Rescued Denim made by L2R is made from 
regenerated blue denim and rescued hardware, a symbol of circularity and environment protection. 

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