And Just Like That, L2R is Back

Elevated zero-waste based Fashuun by the resilient, for the resilient

Sustainable fashion brand, L2R, has faced its share of challenges over the last two years. Like most of us, we’ve found ourselves in the precarious position to pivot several times to stay afloat.

But, our resilient team of designers, environmentalists, and creatives refused to let anything get in our way to bring our vision of elevated upcycled style to market - we’re not only still standing – we’re standing tall!

Tossing the rules, embracing the unembraceable, and eliminating the boundaries, L2R’s seasonless, neutrally inclusive designs are crafted for every person regardless of body shape, age, or identification.

Introducing the Halima Collection

Animated Halima illustration with blazer

Halima is an Arabic name that means patient, gentle, kind, and generous. A celebration of human resilience, inner strength, and empathy – with a disconnection from harshness, severity, and negativity, we named this collection Halima to represent the brand’s eco-kind, neutrally inclusive, and unapologetic vibe.

Halima is ageless, genderless, and color-blind, an introspective dreamer on a path toward discovering who they are, who they love, and who they want to be.

Dedicated to the fearless dreamers and visionaries who thrive on self-expression, this collection of relaxed silhouettes, oversized cuts, upcycled creations, and gender-fluid fashions, mixes rescued remnants, regenerated fabrics, and hidden gems. Halima was created by the resilient - for the resilient.

Pairing mismatched patterns and prints, denim with lace, and feathers with fringe, the Halima line is crafted to satisfy a thirst for outlier style without sacrificing comfort.

The ultimate in eco-kind, unabashed style, boho meets beautiful in separates made to layer and pair,  unapologetically. Turning the unused, the unwanted, the disregarded into treasured pieces made to last a lifetime, our zero-waste philosophy is reflected in our refusal to let a single shred of thread end up in a landfill.

Deadstock, remnants, and discarded fabric and textiles are L2R gold, as the highly creative design team works feverishly to create fashions to fit today’s eco-conscious fashion-minded.

Halima and her friend wearing upcycled denim pieces standing in an interior garden

Making a huge splash across social media, L2R’s Brocade and Rhinestone Embellished Denim Jacket is the epitome of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. This hand-crafted jacket is a testament to the brand’s elevated eco-style and unique vision.

Download Our Brand New App

We are excited to introduce our new app, available in the App Store and Google Play, L2R the LABEL, featuring app-only exclusives, new drops, the much-coveted line of Haute Couture upcycled denim, and the full line of accessories made exclusively from ethically-sourced deadstock and luxury remnants.

The app will regularly release new products, offering exclusive early access to app users, for three days before being released to the general public on the website.


 For every purchase made through the app, get a $5 instant cash reward.

Humanitarian Initiatives and Environmental Impacts


To ensure that we have a positive and direct impact on the planet and its people, we have partnered with Greenspark, a project that not only plants trees and offsets carbon emissions and rescues plastic, but has a long-term positive social impact. 


Here is how you can make an impact with us:

  • For every new subscriber, we plant 1 tree
  • For every single product purchased, we rescue 10 plastic bottles
  • For every order placed, we plant 5 trees
  • For every $250 spent, we offset 50kg of CO2

Improved Cookstoves in Malawi, fighting deforestation in rural India and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; the Chacayes Run-of-River Hydro Project, providing clean energy to the national grid; and Plastic Bank, stopping the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans are just a few of the projects we support through their initiative.

End-to-end closed-loop production and eco friendly products

From concept to creation, our zero-waste, #NOWASTENOBULLSHIT philosophy follows. Never made from new materials,  our eco-friendly packaging, hang tags, and labels are made with leftover threads and shreds of fabric. Any scraps that are unfit for use are donated to toymakers to use for stuffing.

In 2022 we stick to our mission #NOWASTENOBULLSHIT. We don’t just create beautiful clothing and accessories, we designed our whole company with the values of kindness, creativity, and sustainability in mind.

All our packaging belongs to one of the below circular frameworks:

  • Compostable
  • Recycled
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable


Look out for more information on the L2R the Label’s initiatives in upcoming posts!

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